Battery Operated Lights

Our stunning Battery Operated Lights are on hand to bring your home to life. Whether you're looking to add light when a plug socket is out of reach or simply want a more versatile lighting solution, then these are the lights you need. If you're looking for LED Candles or Battery Powered Tea Lights to add cosiness without the risks of a naked flame, or simply want to bring light to areas without access to power, our collection of battery LED lights has something for everyone, all for a great price.
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Use battery operated lights for hard to reach places

Some of our most popular lights are now battery lights. The first thing that comes to mind with battery powered lights is probably 'convenience'. They're simple to use, easy to set up (usually a minute or two after opening they're up and running) and the batteries in most modern battery lights last for weeks rather than hours or days - particularly those with a timer function. With the popularity of battery lights growing, it's no surprise that the range and variety of options has grown with it, and we're proud to be able to offer one of the most expansive collections on the web.