Potted Christmas Trees

Sometimes trying to find the right Christmas tree can start to drive you potty… you see what we did there? No, never mind. Potted Christmas trees are, somewhat surprisingly, trees that come self-contained within their very own pot. As these are artificial, this is purely for visual effect and to enhance the realism (please don’t pour water into the pots). Browse our range below, which includes some pre-lit Christmas trees and even some outdoor Christmas trees too.
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Potted Christmas trees are generally smaller in stature than our standard artificial trees and thanks to the lack of a large base, they use a relatively small amount of space. Trees are of course usually potted along with their roots and a generous supply of soil. These artificial trees obviously have no such requirements and as such are less messy. There’s no danger of a stray pet or child knocking these over and covering the carpet in soil and water! Traditionally Christmas trees include fir trees, pine trees and spruce trees. Artificial trees normally replicate these, and advances in technology and manufacturing mean that these fake trees are becoming increasingly realistic. With PE – polyethylene - trees now commonplace, these are in fact often indistinguishable from the real thing. Our potted trees are no different.