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Struggling with space for a full-size Christmas tree? Our wide range of tabletop trees are an excellent choice for smaller houses and apartments. The perfect size for coffee tables, work benches and sideboards means you can add a tree to every room in the house! Our tabletop trees are also a handy size for keeping safely out of the reach of toddlers and pets on mantle pieces or shelves. Our smaller trees, including potted Christmas trees, can help you bring the Christmas spirit into your workplace. They are becoming a very popular way to add a touch of festive cheer to your office desk. A fun, low cost way to get your co-workers in the festive spirit! Due to the small size of these tabletop trees, very few lights or Christmas decorations are required, and in some cases are already included with the tree. Our tabletop range includes LED trees.
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Create a mini-winter wonderland in your home with our range of mini fir trees. Beautifully covered in artificial snow, they look as if they have come straight out of a festive fairytale.

Also available with a rustic hessian sack and warm LED lights. These beautiful trees are the perfect decoration to set a stunning seasonal scene, in any room of the house.

Add a splash of fun with our bright pink and blue Artificial Trees. They are a perfect option as a small second tree, or for the family home that doesn't have space for a large tree. They are available in either a decorative Blue or Pink, and feature easy folding, hinged branches.

Bring the warmth of hygge into your home with our illuminated twigs. Gently dusted with artificial snow and featuring warm LED lights and malleable branches to get the look just right. They are also perfect as table centerpieces for winter parties and events.