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Fairy lights are perfect for any home, with many different styles available alongside a wide variety of colours and sizes helping to brighten your mood. Plug-in, connectable fairy lights and battery powered fairy lights are available from Festive Lights, popularly used to illuminate fireplaces, stairs, bed heads and much more, creating a welcoming home for anyone. Here you'll find exclusively indoor fairy lights, but we do also sell outdoor fairy lights too.
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The perfect fairy string lights for your home

We generally tend to refer to string lights as being for outdoor use, whereas fairy lights can be for inside the home or out in the garden. Fairy lights are a colossal force in feel-good, decorative home lighting. Traditionally used more seasonally, these are now found in many different guises in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and pretty much any living space.

We have plenty of fairy light inspiration over on our blog if you're looking for some ideas, but many people prefer to simply browse through the categories seeing what takes their fancy. This could be anything from seashell fairy lights, to those with a football theme. We're always on hand to assist, should you require any expert advice. Just give us a call, hop onto live chat or send us an email.