White Fairy Lights

Much like a crisp white shirt, white fairy lights are a classic that just refuses to go out of fashion. There are actually two different types of white fairy light - those that you will find in this category are ice white, but you can also buy warm white fairy lights, which have a slight amber/yellow tinge and as such have the effect of being less bright. Of course there are then blue fairy lights and plenty of other colours to consider too.
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Ice White Fairy Lights

Whether they're to be used in the bedroom, living room or even the kitchen, white fairy lights always seem to be amongst the most popular choice when it comes to colour. In many ways they could be considered the neutral, safe option but this does them a disservice, as used in the right setting a set of white string lights can be extremely eye-catching. Whilst not their intended purpose, the white lights also offer the best practical light of all fairy lights as they are generally considered to be the brightest.