Christmas Candles

The most traditional and humble of the Christmas decorations category, the battery powered Christmas candle, is a must for all those wanting to add a soft warm glow to their interior seasonal style. Blending seamlessly among any Christmas decorations, we’ve got a whole host of designs, sizes and colours to choose from, even ones to place straight onto your Christmas tree.
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Battery Candles for Christmas

Historically, when wanting to decorate their homes for the festive season, people would place real candles around the house and directly onto the Christmas tree. As beautiful as this was, it was clearly a fire safety hazard, so our realistic battery-operated LED candles are the perfect alternative. Some of them even have dancing flames, which perfectly mimic the action of a real candle, and often get mistaken for the genuine article. Battery powered Christmas Candles are the ideal decoration for the Christmas period, they’re so versatile and add a soft, warm, traditional glow to any room of the house. Due to their convenient size, they’re also really easy to pack away and store if you only want to display them at Christmastime. But remember, LED candles aren’t just for Christmas, so feel free to use them all year round . . . unless you’ve opted for ones with a little extra festive style!