LED Canvases

Our stunning LED Canvases are an ideal addition to any home, with their warm and welcoming LEDs place in such a way that they resemble lighting within the picture. These are for all year use, but we also stock a selection of light up Christmas canvases, if you're after a seasonal decoration. For other complementary home decor items regardless of the time of year why not consider light up letters or perhaps even a light box?
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Light up Canvases for the Home

Wall canvases are now found in almost every house or flat in some capacity. These are the next evolution in canvases - because they light up! This is not an arbitrary random illuminating effect, but rather specific to the image on the canvas - so a city skyline might have the stars or skyscraper windows lit up, a scene featuring a fire place would likely have a glowing fire.

Our LED canvases are almost always battery powered, and feature a timer so that you don't need to keep switching them on and off again.