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Simple but hugely effective, Christmas laser projectors have actually been around for several years, but have only recently been widely adopted. Usually positioned in front of the house, they project static or moving images onto the front of the building, creating an eye-catching display without having to spend hours up a ladder as is often the case with icicle lights for instance.
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Christmas Laser Light Projectors - the easy option

Not everyone has the time or the motivation to get up on a ladder and hang up outdoor Christmas lights, having done so indoors already. It's also not always possible to hang lights on some homes, particularly old Victorian houses where it's difficult to install hooks. If you're one of these people then laser light projectors, projecting Christmas themed images or patterns of light, are ideal. They create a hugely eye-catching display from a single source. All you need to do is position the projector to illuminate the front of your home, and plug it in indoors or in an outdoor socket. The static or moving images look fantastic late into the night. If you're wandering why red and green lasers are so much more common than other colours, it's purely down to the cost of manufacturing. White and blue laser light projectors, for example, are available but the cost would likely be more than double. No, we don't really understand it either!