Christmas Net Lights

Outdoor Christmas net lights are so versatile, with a multitude of uses when turning your garden into a magical Christmas grotto. Drape them along hedgerows, over bushes and shrubs, lay them over the lawn or use them to decorate your drab garage door. In a variety of colours, you can match them to your other outdoor Christmas fairy lights. If you really want to impress, team them up with some of our outdoor Christmas figures too.
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Outdoor Christmas Net Lights

If you are looking for a way to add extra illumination to your outdoor Christmas display, but don't want the hassle of contending with numerous sets of lights, then net lights are the solution for you. They can be used in a multitude of different ways, and to really great effect. They look very impressive wrapped around the trunks of trees, especially when there are lights running through the branches of the tree too, whilst being so much easier to install than several strings of standard fairy lights. Some of the more obvious places to use net lights are draping them over hedgerows and placing them across bushes and shrubs. Perhaps a slightly less obvious option is positioning the lights over the lawn and securing them down; a really unique decorative feature which transforms the grass into a twinkling blanket of stars. It is so simple to incorporate net lights into your seasonal outdoor scheme and, with numerous colours available, you can easily match all your decorations and lights to each other.