Solar Decking Lights

Solar decking lights are perfect for those looking for a relaxed ambience on a warm summer night or mild autumn evening making the most of the pre-winter weather. They are easy to install and require almost no maintenance, switching themselves on at dusk and off at dawn. Strategically placed, they can illuminate any feature on the decking such as statement furniture or even just the steps. We have a wide variety of solar path lights too in all sorts of styles and colours, so if you don’t want to fix anything permanently, you can just stick them in the ground!
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Illuminate outdoors with solar decking lights

Lights on wooden decking creates a luxury vibe in any garden, imitating fancy beach resorts, bringing a bit of the Caribbean to your own back garden. This, paired with some festoon lights will really give a chilled out holiday feel, until Monday when you’re back to work. But it’ll be good whilst it lasts, so make the most of it.