Solar Lanterns

Our solar lanterns come in all shapes and sizes! These solar lights are a popular choice for those looking to create a wonderland of garden lighting at their home or for a special outdoor event. With LED candles and jam jar variants, there is plenty to choose from when choosing a solar lantern for your garden. Whether it's hanging them from a tree, or simply placing on a patio, these lights make a huge difference.
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  1. Solar Zephyr Hanging Lantern
    • 1 x 400mAh AA battery included.
    • 1 x white LED.
  2. Solar Buddha Head Light
    • Unique decoration & solar light
    • Battery included
  3. Solar Novelty Twin Cherry Light
    • Rechargeable battery included.
    • Handmade decoration & stunning solar light.
  4. Solar Novelty Pear Light
    • Rechargeable battery included.
    • Handmade decoration & stunning solar light.
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The history of the solar lantern

Lanterns are first mentioned in written documents by Theopompus, a poet from ancient Greece. In ancient China the earliest lanterns were made from paper or silk with a candle or fireflies inside used to decorate and create atmosphere at festivals and celebrations. Our solar lanterns here at Festive Lights are perfect for a garden party or BBQ in summer, and are much sturdier and safer than those of the past. They are much easier to use than catching a jar full of fireflies too!

You don’t need wiring or leads to main supply with solar lights, nor do you have to worry about candles blowing out in the wind so they are very practical. If your hosting an outdoor party, wedding or event these will add a lovely ambience especially as the night draws in and these solar lanterns glow.