Vintage Light Bulbs

Eye-catching vintage indoor light bulbs add a unique touch to your lighting scheme, our bulbs offer vintage lighting designs with modern superior quality and performance. Sometimes in home interior design modern bulbs will not go with classic lamps and ceiling lighting fixtures and fittings, this is where our range of light bulbs for indoors come in.
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Vintage Filament Bulbs

You can ensure your vintage style is consistent throughout, down to the finest of details – indoor bulbs. Edison bulbs and bayonet bulbs come in a range of vintage designs, with exposed tube filaments; squirrel cage and spiral filaments, which add to the effect of vintage lighting designs and a unique style to a room. You can mix and match our different vintage light bulbs to suit the different lighting fixtures, with the appearance of filament light bulbs, but the associated energy saving benefits of LEDs. Enjoy cosy, warm and ambient lighting with a quirky and retro style, which lasts a lot longer than traditional bulbs.