Firefly Wire Fairy Lights

Firefly Wire Fairy Lights - sometimes known as 'naked wire' or 'micro wire' fairy lights are becoming increasingly popular. With a subtle appearance where the LEDs are to be found directly on the naked wire, these are available with different colours of wire and with a low voltage plug or battery powered. These fairy lights are fantastic for contributing a small but impactful feature to any room. These can be suitable for use either indoors or outdoors (depending on your selection), and make a nice bedroom fairy lighting option or alternative to more conventional outdoor string lights.
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Pin Wire Lights for all occasions

Pin wire lights as they are sometimes known are probably the largest emerging variety of fairy lights in recent times. These are essentially naked wire fairy lights, where the wire is coated to provide additional protection/durability but is essentially 'exposed'. These are incredibly flexible and can be bent and shaped into position, but also offers an incredibly modern feel and alternative to traditional fairy lights, just like the ever popular copper naked lights.

The most versatile of lights for adding a bit of flare to almost any household decoration. The naked wire allows them to be twisted into any shape inside or around jars, vases, terrariums and more. The delicate wire gives the effect of floating lights making for a magical scene wherever you choose to put them. For more ideas on how to use your micro wire fairy lights, take a look at the inspiration page on our blog!